How to Approach Private Lessons

Picking The Right Private Dance Instructor

Picking The Right Dance InstructorFinding the right dance instructor is fairly easy once you have a better idea on what to keep in mind. Pick the right one and you'll be picking things up fast, but pick the wrong one and you will lose money.We will assume that most instructors are there to help however you have to realize that there are instructors out there that are more interested in your money than help you get better quickly. These bad instructors want you to stay with them for a long time and they do it by a number of methods, on purpose or not. Here are some things to keep in mind before you set out for the private instructor of your dreams.


Be Wary of Pre-Pay
If you are presented with a set of private lessons where you have to pay in advance, be aware that a good number of people will not make it to all of their lessons, which is what the instructor was planning for. Don't let the instructor get the better of you by asking questions. What's the refund policy? Are they on set dates? Can you reschedule lessons?

They Should Ask Questions
If an instructor doesn't ask why you're taking private lessons, find someone else. The instructor should be concerned and interested on where you want to go, not fill their pockets with your cash.

Have A Goal/Plan Set
Don't take private lessons week by week without setting a goal. Sit down and speak with your instructor and discuss about your goals and where you want to be in one month, two months, 3 months, and so on. Lay out milestones as you take private lessons.

Have  A Purpose for Each Lesson
An hour's private lesson flies by fast so at the end of each lesson discuss about what you need to practice by next lesson, and also what you'll be covering next. Some of the purposes you might have can be to focus on one particular fundamental or a challenge you're having with a type of movement.

They're There For You, Not Themselves
It's important that the instructor listens to you. Some will lay out a whole plan for you and if you can't keep up, they won't slow down. This is more common with group lessons that you pay ahead for. Don't forget that this is your money you're giving to them. If you're paying a lot of money and they're not keeping you up with them, find someone else.

You Have to Motivate Yourself
Some people think that they should pick an instructor that will push them to their goal. The best person to motivate you is yourself. You can't rely on the instructor to push you, especially if you've paid in advance.

Be Strong Enough To Say No
Not usually common for most people, you need to be able to tell an instructor that you are done with them. Don't keep giving them money if you're not happy!


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