Competing In Competitions

1. Competing: It Starts As An Idea

Start With A Why
As clearly as possible, answer the question of why you want to compete. Whether it's for self-less or selfish reasons, a clear understanding of why you want to compete will keep you on the path to success in any competition. Studies show that those who have a clear picture of what their goal is have a better chance of reaching it than those who go day-by-day with no particular goal in mind.

Continue With A Partner

In salsa dancing, your partner is an extension of yourself through body and mind. It's extremely important to have a partner that you are comfortable with spending a great deal of time with. It's also important to have a partner that shares the same, if not more, goals or excitement in competing as you do. One of the biggest events that split partners up are circumstances. It can be that their busy life may suddenly catch up with them, an accident stops them from dancing, a relationship requires tending, stress, etc. so it's important to have a partner that literally won't jump off the boat when hitting choppy waters.

Finding a partner may or may not be difficult. You can raise your chances of finding a partner by looking at places where dancers frequent. This can be at a salsa club, salsa dance class, or salsa website. So, looking for a salsa partner at a hip-hop club wouldn't be the most effective method. Of course trust is essential, so it's better for you to build a relationship with the person first before popping them the big question, "Will you be my competition partner?"

Great success in salsa dancing can come between two people with the same goals. A great example is Michele Castro and Ricardo Sanchez, founders of Pretty Boys & Girls. Their motivations for one another have helped them nurture the improvement of the salsa scene in the bay area.

Proceed With A Belief

Believing that something will happen is stronger than knowing whether or not it will. If you and your partner proceed with a belief that you will succeed, everything (the practice time, choreography, planning, etc.) will fall into place. Belief will take you further than where you planned to go. If all else falls apart (lost of practice time, choreography doesn’t work, you lose the first couple of competitions) at least the belief is still there. As long as you and your partner continue to believe, you’ll win one day or another.

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