Competing In Competitions

6. The Results Are In: Sportsmanship

So for your first time out you placed 12 out of 12 couples. Was there something you could have done better or are the judges to blame for not knowing how to judge? It is not uncommon to see a couple express negativity towards the judges because they felt that they did better than what was scored. It is important to understand the perspective from the judges before making conclusions.

A judge may be tired from a long day full of judging or they had a bad case of jet lag. Whatever it may be, fatigue can cause the individual to miss details during the judging.

One Set of Eyes
During competitions where multiple couples are on the dance floor, the judge can only see one couple at a time. While a judge is focused on you another couple may have been off count and not been deducted points. Competitions like these typically have more than one judge watching however not every detail can be caught at the same time.

A Matter of Opinion
Judging is subjective to each individual. Different judges focus more on certain categories than others. One judge may watch for technique more while another watches for the kinds of moves used. This would result in scores higher or lower one category but average in another.

As a result of these possible variables you may do well in one competition and poorly in another even if you performed the same routine in the exact same way as the last competition. Remember that the judges made the best decision at that point in time.

Although This guide is meant to get you into the competition circuit with a better idea than none at all, in order for any couple to win competitions they have to enter the competitions. You might not win the first few or you might not win every single one you enter, but at least you will gain valuable experience that you can learn from for the next competition. Everyone has to start somewhere to attain great success.

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