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In-Class Questions

Q: The class is told to rotate partners. Do I have to leave my partner?
A: No, the purpose of the rotation is to allow you to learn from the differences between dancers and allows those who did not come with partners the ability to not be stuck with the same partner all night. The rotation also lets those without partners a chance to practice. If you want to stay with your partner during a rotation, simply inform the person rotating that you are staying together with your partner.

Q: There's a person in the class I don't want to dance with. Is there anything that can be done?
A: Yes! We want you to be comfortable and relaxed when you come to our lessons. If you feel that you cannot tolerate a partner for a rotation, please inform the instructor through email or after the lessons so that he/she can pull you out of the rotation a few rotations before you are with that individual.

Q: Is video-recording allowed during the lessons?
A: We only allow videos at the end of class, if the instructor says it is okay. If the instructor is demonstrating a pattern with a student from the class, we ask that you obtain approval from the student before you can record them. Please note that some people don't like to be video-recorded, even if they are seen in the background. We ask that you respect that. All videos are posted for free by us anyway, so there's no reason to record them because you should be focused in learning in class and using the video as a reference.

Q: You don't teach a whole of dips but I noticed that you've taught them before. Why don't you teach more of them?
A: Dips, although fancy and attractive to do, can be dangerous if done incorrectly. Because salsa dancing is a social dance step, we feel that we should focus on patterns that do not put the follower in danger of being dropped or stepped upon during the actual dip. We only teach the dips during a series and during special occasions.

Q: Is this place a studio, recreational facility, clubhouse, or what?
A: Well that depends on the location we're at!

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