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Q: What is the difference between Bachata and Salsa?
A: Bachata dancing is a Dominican-based dance step and involves the lead from the hips. In salsa, the lead is from the upper body through the hands and arms. Proper Bachata is from the hips.

Q: What clothing attire is required to take Bachata lessons?
Because this is in a class-room setting, it's okay to dress comfortably.  However, we require that women do not wear short skirts and men do not wear tank tops.

Q: What should I expect from the Bachata lessons?
Traditional Bachata is led from the hips, which means leaders and followers will have to be close to one other. The closeness between partners invades the Comfort Zone and can be quite alarming to someone new to Bachata. However, we teach all types of Bachata so one should expect any of them in a night: Traditional, Dominican, or Modern.

Q: Bachata dancing seems pretty easy, you just go back and forth right?
If you think about it, salsa is pretty easy because all you're doing is going forward and backwards! Really though, there's more to Bachata dancing than just side to side. Anyone can dance Bachata but not everyone does it the proper way. Proper Bachata dancing requires a lot factors that you can get away with in Salsa. A relaxed and controlled stance is what Bachata dancing involves.

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