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Q: I see a lot of patterns, but no videos. Will you have videos for each pattern ?
It takes bigger bandwidth to have multiple users view a video clip at one time on a server. The bigger the bandwidth the more it costs to maintain. Imagine a cookie jar with cookies inside of it. If one person wants a cookie they simply put their hand in the cookie jar and pull out a cookie. What if more than one person wants a cookie at the same time and they stick their hands in at the same time? Now it's harder to pull a cookie out because the hole in the bowl is now crammed with hands and arms. The internet is the size of the hole in the cookie jar while the cookies inside are the videos. The more people try to view videos at one time the longer it takes to view the vidoes. Unless users are prepared to pay membership fees, J Smooth Salsa can only provide text patterns.

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Our vision is to provide salsa content that is comprehensive and useful for any person, of any dance level, that is free. Knowledge is key in becoming a salsa dancer.



By providing salsa lessons in fully developed and detailed formats, we want our attendees to salsa dance quickly without compromising detail.



One must be inspired to become a great dancer. By providing an environment that is motivating and positive, our attendees are capable of making and accomplishing their goals.