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Who is J Smooth Salsa?

Q: How long have you been offering salsa lessons?
J Smooth Salsa's first public group lesson was August 16, 2002. Since that day, we have had over a thousand attendees come to our lessons and events.

Q: How many dance instructors teach for J Smooth Salsa?
We have had over a half dozen instructors, that have come and gone, teach for J Smooth Salsa since its birth. Most were excited to share salsa dancing through our vision and decided to help us spread it but eventually most have come and gone because of circumstances (ie. new job, new family, challenging classes at school, family emergencies, etc.).

Q: I've never really heard of J Smooth Salsa. Do you advertise?
Due to JSS's vision to share salsa dancing with the average person, most of our advertising is targeted to people you would not normally find at a popular salsa dance club. From that we also target certain types of groups more than others, which we keep confidential for private and/or strategic reasons.

Q: How does J Smooth Salsa keep its salsa lessons free?
J Smooth Salsa has different streams of income help fund the group. Some of those streams are private individual(s), for-profit organization(s), and/or non-profit organization(s), all of which are excited in our vision to share salsa dancing to everyone. The amount of income that comes in is enough to cover the overhead for the lessons and the facility from which we teach from.

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Our vision is to provide salsa content that is comprehensive and useful for any person, of any dance level, that is free. Knowledge is key in becoming a salsa dancer.



By providing salsa lessons in fully developed and detailed formats, we want our attendees to salsa dance quickly without compromising detail.



One must be inspired to become a great dancer. By providing an environment that is motivating and positive, our attendees are capable of making and accomplishing their goals.