Bakin at Glas Kat

Orquesta Bakan -- one of the most danceable bands is at the Glas Kat tonight with one of the most danceable DJs -- Super Chino. Celebrating his birthday is Tyrone "Malo" Diaz -- you may not know him by face, but he is the face behind the salsa flyers you get from most the events such as Canvas, SF Salsa Congress, Ay Karamba at the Glas Kat, Roccapulco, Karibbean City, Annual Puerto Rican Festival, and many, many more. Come wish a Happy Birthday to the sweetest man alive.
  • Beginner Salsa lesson with Alison Hurwitz and Jesus at 7:45pm
  • Intermediate Salsa lesson with Ricardo and Tiane Frias of RicaSalsa at 8:30pm
  • Or a bonus advanced beginner salsa lesson upstairs at 8:30pm
  • DJ Super Chino at 9:45pm
  • Orquesta Bakan approx. 10:15pm
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