Flamenco Show In New York March 7

Fuerza "El Swing del Flamenco" an original work, is Oscar's brand of flamenco – it's modern, very musical in its interpretation of fusion.

The program consists of a Seguiriya, then a Jaleos/Tangos, and lastly, a Solea. Of the many palos that exists in flamenco, Oscar has chosen the most important palos. In the Seguiriya, for example it's the "quejido" the lament, the most mournful. On to the Jaleos and Tangos, which is fiesta, a celebration of life, and the end, "La Solea del Rubio".

Oscar Valero is quoted as saying: "Un quejio que te atrapa, un a juerga que no te deja marchar, y una solea para bailar" which translated means: "A soul-jarring lament that captures you, a party that begs you not to leave, and a solea that sets you to dancing…"

Oscar Valero was born in in Valencia, Spain, and began his professional career at the age of 15. He started his dance training in Valencia, then moved to Madrid to continue flamenco. He is an acclaimed Flamenco dancer and choreographer who has also has an extensive training in other dance forms such as Modern, Jazz and Ballet. He has participated in some of the most famous flamenco festivals in Spain and performed with Antonio Canales in International Flamenco Festivals in Lyon (France), Bogota (Colombia), Tel Aviv (Israel), Spoleto (Italy), and Tokyo (Japan). He was also a featured guest artist in the Chicago Flamenco Festival 2005. Oscar has been featured in other media presentations of flamenco, including the biographical film of Cristina Hoyos, and with Jose Mercé on Spain's MTV. In Spain, Oscar directs his own flamenco company, performing original works to sell-out crowds. He continues to tour, perform, and teach workshops throughout Europe, Japan, and the United States!
 . Oscar has created his Flamenco Dance Company in New York.

Wed, Mar 7
8:00 PM
 $25.00 - Member
$25.00 - Non-Member
Location: The JCC in Manhattan, 334 Amsterdam Ave. at 76th St. (Program room assignments will be available at the JCC Customer Service Desk, in the lobby of the Samuel Priest Rose Building.)

For more information, or to register, please call 646-505-5708.

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