L.A. Salsa Kids, Upcoming Events

****** L.A. Salsa Kids, Upcoming Events ******
Check our website for dates and listing of upcoming events and performances by the L.A. Salsa Kids. http://www.lasalsakids.com/main.htm#upe for more information.
March 24, L.A. Salsa Kids - Auditions
April 20 - 22, The L.A. Salsa Kids are going to Atlanta Georgia
****** L.A. Salsa Kids, Salsa Classes ******
L.A. Salsa Kids, Dance Studio, 13938 Valley View, La Mirada, CA 90638
We rent studio space.  Contact us for details.
- New Class Schedule Coming Out in April 2007 -
Kids Salsa Class,  Teens Salsa Class,  Teens Salsa Performance Class,  Teens Jazz Class,  Adults Salsa Class,  Teens Hip Hop Class,  and more to come.
Plus the all new Toddlers Salsa Class.
****** L.A. Salsa Kids, Latin Dance Company ******
Email: mailto: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone: (562)943-4492
Website: http://www.lasalsakids.com/
****** L.A. Salsa Kids, Advertisement / Sponsors ******
If you would like to be a sponsor of the L.A. Salsa Kids (a nonprofit 501(c) 3 organization), get a tax deduction, be recognized in our newsletters & upcoming events and feel good about helping kids and our Latin culture, please contact us.  http://www.lasalsakids.com/events/spevnt1/sponsor.htm for more details.
- Our Sponsors -
http://www.latindancestore.com/ Latin Dance Store
http://www.duenosdelson.com/ Chino Espinoza - Los Duenos Del Son
http://www.alsbodyshop.com/ Als Body Shop
****** L.A. Salsa Kids, Extras ******
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Our vision is to provide salsa content that is comprehensive and useful for any person, of any dance level, that is free. Knowledge is key in becoming a salsa dancer.



By providing salsa lessons in fully developed and detailed formats, we want our attendees to salsa dance quickly without compromising detail.



One must be inspired to become a great dancer. By providing an environment that is motivating and positive, our attendees are capable of making and accomplishing their goals.