A Dilemma with Bachata


A female coworker of mine, probably not any older than 21, is a dancer and I've only talked to her about dancing (and never gone out with her).

I was describing to her the Baile Del Amor event and how I was dancing bachata for an hour or more. She pipes in and says "Ohh we should go out dancing sometime. I want to dance bachata with you."

My hair stood on-end. Bachata? With her? "Oh no, I don't think you want to dance bachata with me" I responded as thoughts about how inappropriate it would be to:

1. Be groin-to-groin with a coworker,
2. be groin-to-groin with someone under 21.

Thoughts of how I'll end up having her like dancing bachata with me (which will be more trouble) also passed through my mind. I cringed, no way am I going to dance with a coworker that's under 21. The idea of seducing a female (when you know you shouldn't be) didn't settle well with me.

Now there are plenty of situations which I can say I would want to dance bachata with someone:

1. I think they're hot.
2. I think her and I together, groin-to-groin, would be hot.
3. I want to them to want me, bad. (to dance with me or the lather)
4. I'm not attracted to them, but I want to practice dancing bachata.
5. Stay warm.
6. I need to practice that hip-popping move.
7. It's been awhile since I've danced.

My situation with my co-worker sure isn't any from 1-6, which added to my dilemma. So I did what other person would do. I said to her:

"Okay, well let me know when you want to go" while hoping that she'll never let me know!

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