A Night at Baile Del Amor


The Dinner

Lamb Shank

I took my friend out to dinner to Zeyno, an Italian restaurant located on Lorton Ave. in Burlingame. With entrees above $15, I had the lamb shank and she had the penne (I think).

The food was great! The lamb was so well done that I didn't need a knife to cut it! It was so soft that the meat would break with the touch of my fork!

Glass of Pepsi, two waters, 2 entrees, and tip = $45.00


The drive to San Francisco's Civic Auditorium was full of traffic. The event informed us very little on parking, except that parking was across the street. I hate driving in traffic and I knew if I were to park at the same place everyone does, I'd have a hard time getting out, so I did my research and marked down two alternative parking lots.

I had a pre-planned path all made out however I left out one important thing: the ability of the driver taking the wrong turn (or lack of), me.

The Original Plan

Fortunately, I had my laptop with a map just for such situations and with my navigator by my side I was able to make my way pass the Civic Auditorium and see that there was traffic getting in! "Well I know for sure we're not parking here" I exclaimed. And so with a left turn, we made our way down and parked our car at an open parking lot 2 blocks down.

What Really Happened

Cost of parking 2 blocks away from the auditorium = $0.00.

Getting In

After parking, we made our way to the Auditorium to pick up my tickets. I thought it would be easy to pick them up, just give them your name and you're in, nope. Apparently I have to remember the radio station I got them from.

"When you figure it out which radio station it is, come back" the guy tells me.

"Damn" I told myself. I couldn't figure it out...was it 104.9? Was it La Kalle? Or one of the other ones? I didn't want to guess and waste their time; the line was long as it was already...they only had one will-call line for those that bought their tickets on ticket fiesta and the ones that won free tickets.

Fortunately, the heat was off when ticket-fiesta had another window open, so everyone moved to there. I took a shot at it, I made a guess that it's one of those less known radio stations (100. something) and told the pretty Asian girl (with cleavage showing off her shirt. Nice that she was sitting at lower position than me. Nice yet again) that it's 100.whatever.

With my ID, she skims through the short list, and my name isn't on there. She skims another one, "Uhm, you're on 104.9" she says with a dirty look at me.

"Whoops, I'm so sorry" I told her, while laughing deep inside my head. Hahahahah.

"Sorry, thanks for understanding" I told her as she handed over my tickets.

When we were waiting for the tickets, I saw a guy scalping his tickets. "Hey, you should ask him how much" I told my friend. For all she knew she was going to buy the tickets at the door, now $60.00.

I got my tickets, gave one to my friend (whom was extremely happy that she didn't have to pay). We made our way to the security search area, and as the guy patted me down I busted out laughing (I’m ticklish). He looks at me and shakes his head as he motions me in.

Cost of getting into the event = $0.00 plus one pat-down.

Tito Nieves & Establishing Ground

Tito Nieves

It was nice, plenty of sitting area and lots of dance floor. We made our way onto the floor, looking for people I knew, and found Colleen (aka Pumkin) and Carlos (aka Carlitos) dancing. Lili and I (my friend with me) immediately started dancing, pretty slow and just relaxing, as I waited and responded to the numerous text messages I was getting.

I eventually found out where Rodney (aka Rodchata) after he tells me was dancing on the midfloor on the text. I look up, trying to figure out where middle was and directly in front of me, a few yards away, Rodney spots me just when I spot him (Our one moment of broke-back connectiveness I suppose).

I introduced Lili to everyone that was there and said hello to Larry, Amy, and some other folks (I forgot their names. oops).

Throughout the night, I was able to meet some old friends and people I've known but haven't seen for some time: Paco & girlfriend, Esther and cousin, Jeison, Ruby, Enrique, Diana and friends, and my ex-girlfriend.

The puzzling thing that night was the fact that there was no coat check. I was expecting one, figuring that in San Francisco people wear coats all the time and would need such a place...but no not at all! So,  we were left to do one thing...make a pile of coats on the floor and dance around it like it was a camp fire.

"I'd like to make a super coat pile, so big that all the coats at the bottom and middle would be safe" I wondered to myself.
We danced, and we danced good to Tito Nieves. My friend Lili and I have a certain unique-ness to our style that only happens to those you can connect with, lots of styling that's made up as we go. Well, for me it was!

I danced a few times with Ellie (whom I met at Caribbean Gardens a few months back) and Diana for Cumbia, but mostly it was with Lili. It was fierce dancing, and a friendly guy said to us "Man, you make us Latinos look bad! You can really dance!"

I put Lili in a inside-arm check while she did her styling and hip wiggles. "Yeah baby, shake it. Keep shaking it!" yells the guy who complimented us earlier.

I busted out laughing, and got out of the hold where Lili tells him "Na uh, you only get it once!"

Monchy & Alexandra
Monchy y Alexandra

I never had so much bachata dancing in one night! How often can you say all you did was dance bachata music for a good hour? We were all going crazy (More Amy and the girls then us guys I think) as we danced bachata around our coat pile.

"Gentleman, please take your cell phone from your right pocket and move it to your left" Rodney states as  he prepares to bachata.
I had three things (keys, wallet, and phone) and I didn't want anything in the front, so I handed my phone to Lili to hold for me before we started dancing.

I will tell you I found something very important when it comes to bachata dancing (but it's really just a coincidence): bachata can cause your clothes to come off!

Lili and I were dancing bachata close for most of the time in the crowded floor, we did the rolls, the pops, the grinds (oh yes, the grind although Rodchata would deny its possible), and everything in between.

Lili was wearing the kind of top where it's clipped on front, all the way down, with hooks. Every-time Lili and I would snake our way, the bottom half of her top would come apart, and every-time she'd have to stop and hook them up again.

Then, the blouse would start to unclip from the top down, obviously showing more skin, and we would stop as she fixed herself.

"Stop dropping!" she would tell me, laughing at how her clothes were coming off. When you're getting into dancing bachata, you can't really stop doing something you're used to doing, so I still did it (not on purpose), and I'd get a spank from her for doing such.

After some continuous music to the best of Monchy and Alexandra, we went outside for some water. Luckily, there was some water fountains so we didn't have to get into the long line for fluids.

Cost of drinking water that night: $0.00.

I didn't want to go back into the thick of things on the floor, so Lilli and I decided to start dancing just next to the VIP area and near the entrance where there was plenty of open space and no one dancing. I got to do a lot more here, dancing various styles of bachata, open and closed, and all of the drops and grinds we wanted. In due time, we started something great right there....a new area for people to dance!

More and more couples joined us in the new designated area for bachata, and Lili gave me the high-five when I told her how we started a dance floor!



I've never seen Fulanito perform, so I have to say it was quite entertaining seeing them on stage! It was crazy seeing them, getting the crowd worked up with crotch pops, hands waving, and dancing. At the end of their time, they brought a bunch of women from the crowd to come dance on stage with them. It was so funny seeing some girls rubbing themselves against some of the singers, only to have security get between them and shoo the girls off stage.

Our super mound of coats was facing some trouble. Like any event, since there's no trash bins people will dump their used cups/drinks on the floor. The floor was getting wet from the spilled drinks, and a large wet area was spreading towards our mound of clothes, which was surrounded by empty cups & bottles littered around our coats, perhaps a last stand defense against the evil wet floor.

However water had the advantage, and we were forced to migrate the coats back to our bodies. Some coats weren't retrieved in time, including a poster of a model that people were oogling over, and were consumed by the wetness.

Grupo Niche
Grupo Niche

Before Niche performed, Lili and I went to fill ourselves up with fluids only to find the whole gang gone! So there was Lili and I, hanging out with a partial pile of wet coats, with a poster of a model in a bikini covering them. A woman, apparently distraught by the hotness of the photo, grabbed one of the coats and covered the picture up.

Finishing the night with more salsa, Lili and I continued our salsa dancing elsewhere, preferably an area with more room. We found a place near right-most part of the stage, and dodged entering and exiting traffic as we danced. I was getting tired, really tired. By this time it was nearing 1:15am, and my knees and thighs were tired. My throat was dry and I was ready to go but I couldn't because Lili was a machine and was still able to keep going!

We went back to the main floor and continued our dancing there, dodging and kicking cups as we danced on the near empty floor. My shoes were noticeably sticky, and Lili's dance shoes were probably just as bad from stepping in beer and what-not.

We made our drive back home, unable to speak for most of the time as our throats were dry, but we both silently agreed that it was a well-spent night. It'll be awhile until I recover.

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