A Very Generous Donation

Robert and Mai, donates $150 dollars to jsmoothsalsa.comJust days ago, I informed the community that I was looking towards them for donations. We've recently launched a community website called www.network.jsmoothsalsa.com. It takes some extra money to run the website, and I was skeptical on whether anyone will help out.

However skepticism was put to the side when Robert and Mai, two attendees of our salsa lessons, donated $150 (one hundred fity dollars) to the website!  I was suprised that anyone would donae that much money!

Thanx for all the lessons, funs, water bottles, parties etc... we are very grateful for all your tireless effort and enthusiasm.

Best Robert & Mai.

It is because of their generosity that our community website, jsmoothsalsa.com/network (also www.network.jsmoothsalsa.com) that we will be safe to say that the community website will be online for another year.

Please make their donation worthwhile by visiting www.network.jsmoothsalsa.com and take part in building our community of beginning salsa dancers. 

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