Birthday w/ Jeison

Typically I don't take photos exclusively at the events, but today was different. I was happy to capture the moments on camera for a change.

Jeison is a guy that never raises his voice or yells. Although fairly quiet he is a smart businessman with a certain savvyness to him. To women he is adorable.

My girlfriend Kate First met him when she came to visit some months ago. I remember because she said "He's genuinely a nice guy. He puts up this tough exterior but really he's sweet deep down."

I told Jeison a few weeks later about how Kate said she liked him and he's really nice. He responded with "haha, I guess we fooled her didn't we?"

Kate and I almost missed the event on Saturday. I had already booked a flight to Reno to help Kate move... and she was just getting out of a stomach flu/food poisoning event. After much debate and thinking about how he was always at our events, I cancelled our plans for La Taza instead.

And so we were at La Taza instead for Jeison (and Daniel's) birthday. After reviewing the photos I couldn't help but see how happy he was in the photos. "You can tell he appreciates everyone coming out" Kate said as she went through the photos with me.

I hope that when you visit the photos you can see what I saw also. Happy birthday Jeison.

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