Club La Luna Azul Review

There are three levels to Azul. The main floor is where you'll find luxurious white seating, glass coffee tables, and the long bar. The upper floor is where you'll find dining tables lit by candlelight, the perfect area away from the music to carry an intimate conversation in. The basement floor is where you'll find the restroom is at (the other is located across from the DJ's stage).

More of a lounge than a club, the bluish hue given off by the lights give it a relaxed feel to it. Occasionally the flat panels above the bar temporarily light up the area, very similar to a regular club with strobe lights and such.

A delicious menu of appetizers is available in addition to the drinks provided by the cocktail waitresses and bartenders. The furniture has a white color scheme to it, providing a visible contrast to those that sit on them, making them instantly stand out; The perfect way to see someone across from the bar.

The candlelight against the blue hue and white furniture on the upper floor provide the same contrast as below. The very intimate area provides the perfect setting for those interested in socializing away from the bustling noise of the club. Whether it is to get to know your date, catch up with a friend, or get to know someone you've just met, it's the perfect area where no one will watch you.

The main floor bar.

If it's too hot to handle inside, there's always the patio area leading to the entrance. Black leather couches and plenty of open area for you to cool off in.

Unusual to most clubs that play Latin music in the Bay Area is Bachata. A relaxing genre of music, Azul plays this on a regular basis, making it truly a unique club. Bachata lessons, including salsa lessons, are provided early on in the evening from 7:00 - 9:00. Meant only for the absolute beginner, the lessons are easy to understand and give a prelude of what is to come for the night.

Unless you can find it, There is no other club like Azul in the heart of San Francisco that can provide the relaxed setting that is rare for a dance club.

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