Crushing Over a Dancer?

One of the most fun words to use on MySpace is "crush" as it has certain innocent, simple feelings associated to it. I probably use it more often than most on MySpace but I am not alone as I have observed a number of others within the "Extended Network" use the same word.

When one sees a person using the word one will wonder "Who *is* this crush? Is it me? Is it someone I know? Who?"

It's easy to deduce that if a person continues to use the word "Crush" instead of the person's name (on MySpace), it probably means that:

1. Their Crush is within their network of friends,
2. Their Crush is known by someone within their network of friends,
3. Their Crush uses MySpace.

The majority of the friends on my friends list are salsa dancers that I know within my community and for each one I've gone through their profiles a few times in a month, reading the comments left by their friends, then clicking on those friends and reading what my friend left, etc. If you look carefully you can usually tell who's crushing over who, and when I see that the crush is a dancer I can understand why the name isn't made public.

The salsa dancing community is a very interesting thing that is, most people who go salsa dancing are single which is (to me) unbelievable as many are very attractive physically. The space that could have been filled for a relationship is filled with the constant outtings of social dancing at the various clubs in the local area.

It's easy to meet a salsa dancer that you are attracted to, dance with them all the time, and not get anywhere (with them) other than you've become their favorite partner. Egads.

To admit that you are interested in more than just dance partners could be a bad move, a very bad move.
If the person were to find out how you feel and they do not feel the same means regular moments of awkwardness when you are at the same club (ex. staying at opposite sides of the club, you call your friends to find out if that person is going to be there, avoiding eye contact, etc.)

There is also the so called "assumption" that a relationship between two salsa dancers could be as volatile as having Paris Hilton and one of the Olson twins duke it over a boy (ex. jealousy). This means that the person you may be very well crushing on has closed the doors on having any serious relationship with a fellow yourself!

So what do we do? We keep our snap shut and mention nothing about our interest in them but ah hah, we're still hinting that we're interested in them in some form or another! Perhaps a phone call to see if they're going to the same club, a private thank you over email after dancing with them, asking them to come out dancing at so and so place because you're going, haha so fun.

Fortunately a crush is just that, a crush. You can have more than one crush (while some have 51+ crushes on their MySpace profile, ahaha!) and nothing is wrong with that. In fact I recommend having more than one crush; that way if your crush just so happens start figuring out you're interested in them you can throw them off by talking to/about another crush. Your secret will stay and you get to live another day dancing with them!

How long would you keep your crush a secret? After some thought I realized that many will never mention the name of their crush....well unless they've gotten over them and moved on to some other crush.

I hope that anyone that has a crush on MySpace should take *calculated* steps in showing interest to the person, whatever it may be to bring that person from the crush to potential boyfriend/girlfriend. A life of just crushing sounds pretty boring if you can't make out with any of them....then again some get their kicks from just dancing with them but hey, if that's all that you want from your crush that's okay!

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