El Bombazo

I had the pleasure of taking not one but five women to the concert, in different styles of latin flavor. I scratched my head for some time before I went over to pick them up, wondering how I was going to keep each of them happy.

At the last moment my friend Jose decided to join me to the concert, much to my surprise as he has told  me hates going to concerts like this (he skipped out on baile del amor).

When we arrived to the parking lot 2-3 blocks down from the auditorium, two of my girls had their jackets on as they got out of the car.

"There's no place for you to put your jacket" I told them. At the last concert, there was no coat check...hence the "mound of coats" I mentioned in the blog about baile del amor.

So they left the jackets behind, on a very breezy and cold night in San Francisco. Two of the girls had dresses on.

"Jimmy keep me warm!" they screamed as gusts of wind blew at them.

I held two of the girls as we walked to the auditorium, while two others huddled together and the other with Jose.

After a substantial walk I attempted to pick up my tickets at will-call. Problem, they didn't have my name down.

Up/down the cashier looked for my name. No find. I was annoyed. Rather than go into details on what transpired, what ended up happening was I got my tickets even though she couldn't find my name.

The Event Itself

Why did the event fall short? The event fell short for my own personal reasons. Los Toro Band, as much as I like their music, didn't have that bang in their live music like Monchy and Alexandra. Some performers are really good in concert than their CDs, and some the other way around. Los Toro Band I think, sounds better on CD.

I didn't get the full hour Bachata that I was looking for. Instead, I got a mixture of Merengue and Bachata from them. Well, at least I know they are also a Merengue band.

Los Hermanos Flores is a Cumbia band. I wouldn't mind dancing Cumbia but the thing is my girls didn't know how to dance Cumbia (well two of them). Had I had the Miami's crowd with me, I'd have no problems here.

The guys and I decided to go outside of the area for some drinks (Jose, Rodney, Jeison, myself). We BSed as men should when the women are away. Good times.

The night was steady after that, not too spectacular however what *did* catch my attention was the announcement that Victor Manuelle and Aventura will be the next concert on the promoter's plans.

Perhaps there will be more bachata then.

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