Experience is not a must, but desire is in order to be a good salsa dancer

This Friday the 30th the group of students that I coached finally performed in front of a crowd of teachers. This performance took place during CLTA banquet, despite technical hiccups like the size of the stage and the cueing of the music their performance was extreamely good for only three weeks practice. This group of High School students has helped me understand the fact that people who really want to learn salsa can do so if their mind and heart is in the right place. With only three week of rehearsal and no previous salsa experience, they were capable of performing a nice routine and even do a major trick. 

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Our vision is to provide salsa content that is comprehensive and useful for any person, of any dance level, that is free. Knowledge is key in becoming a salsa dancer.



By providing salsa lessons in fully developed and detailed formats, we want our attendees to salsa dance quickly without compromising detail.



One must be inspired to become a great dancer. By providing an environment that is motivating and positive, our attendees are capable of making and accomplishing their goals.