Falling for the Wrong Salsa Hottie

You've seen her before. She's the kind of girl that you make you think that "Salsa Dancing = Sex". All you can think of is sex when you see her dance, even when you're not even in the mood! Heck, you probably be thinking of her WHILE dancing with someone else!

But you don't realize yet that she's the wrong person for you, definitely wrong. All you see is "Hot Salsa Dancer" and not "hot salsa dancer by night, some wierdo by day." This is about (or possibly) one such hottie.

There are some salsa dancers that are just in it for the dancing. There's no interest in relationships, no interest in having extracurricular activities (unless it's salsa related), or no interest in matters that are not related salsa dancing. Whatever it may be, her hotness is like the sirens of Odyssey: sexy and everything until you really get to know her.

Now there are guys out there who are just interested in no-strings-attached sex. Although it is a lifestyle I don't really have any particular fondness for, whether guys do that or not I reallty don't care. I'm more concerned with those interested in some sort of meaningful relationship.

When and if you do catch up with these sexy hotties, things start to unfold. You realize that although they're perfectly great at dancing, they're life is one big mess and the only thing that keeps them going is the salsa dancing they get to partake at night. Although these are subjective situations, they can be things like:

1. They're house is a pig stye. They don't have time to clean up after themselves.
2. They're in a middle of a divorce proceedings.
3. They have the temper of a wild coyote.
4. All they like to do is party all night.
5. They have enough debt to match Paris Hilton's credit card statements.
6. They won't help you clean the dishes, even though you just made dinner for the both of you.
7. During time in the sack, they just kinda....lay there expecting you do do everything.
8. Someone else is paying their bills.
9. They're still madly in love with their ex, but they'll be with you because you're a pansy and would do every bidding for them.

Whatever it may be, these girls are just bad news. How would you go about protecting yourself from such people? Well first of all, keep your tools in your pants! Then you should really think about why you're interested in this person. Are you infactuated with the way they look or by the way they talk? In fact, have you even talked to them yet?

The first step to understanding is communication. Too often many think more with their desire to pleasure immediately than seeing what's further down the path. If you talk to her long enough, you might be able to figure out how much of a bad news she is. Give some time to let that "Salsa Hottie" screen to fade away.

If after awhile you believe that some of her funny drama/habits are to your acceptance then go ahead, make your move, follow the other advices of dating.

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