Feather Choosing

There are people who pick and choose friends based on looks. It's not unusual as certain species of animals do the same. "Birds of the same feather flock together." However, then again there are people who do not have much similarity but they will "surround" themselves of the feather they wish to be like.

In the business world it is true. If you want to make money, surround yourself with those who have done it. If you want to be investing in real estate, surround yourself with those that do so.

I can understand it. For someone to deny this thought process would be fooling themselves. It's not something that can be avoided; it's always going to be there.

My problem is simply the fact it's not an intangible thing that these kinds of people want to surround themselves, its looks. Physical looks that are being factored.

To surround yourself with attractive, beautiful people is probably one of the most dis-tasteful practices I have heard of, and it even more so evident in the salsa community (as it is one I am most aware of).

To judge a person based on their level of looks is as dis-tasteful. "Because you are not beautiful I choose not to associate myself with you because you have nothing important to contribute."

Hate me for bringing this up not that I am bitter that someone is not attracted to me, but hate me for bringing the plain truth out.

I can attest there are indeed people who fit this personality in my salsa community. Why they do this I do not understand. Generally-so, they are average-looking individuals that do not even have a smile or a glimmer in their eye to make them stand out.

Birds of the same feather flock together... unless you're trying to fool yourself into thinking you are one.

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