Holding Back in Bachata

I arrived at Caribbean Gardens at the right time. The Bachata music can be heard from the parking lot as I quickly made my way to the front door. The cashier greets me with a smile. "Bui right?" she asks me. With a smile I tell her yes. She motions me to continue into the club.

The song I heard is over by now. To my pleasure Tony-O plays a song from Los Toros Band.

I waste no time making my way to where the hot women are at. The one to the far left smiles at me as I pull her to the dance floor. She laughs, she's one of the few bacheteras that is still shy when dancing with me.

We stop mid-way through the song so that her friend can dance with me. Tall and slim with long black hair. She has never danced Bachata with me nor does it matter. I lead her with my hips and she understands me very quickly. Her eyes become wide, she's surprised that I'm giving her this kind of attention. She soon begins showing me with her hips how she wants us to move together. I can't help but be aroused. Is this how a bachatero should feel?

The song ends but she doesn't let me go. She pulls me further into the dance floor, so that we can be lost in the crowd of dancers.

I cup the back of her neck with my hand. It's soft, a prelude to how soft the rest of her body is. I'm anxious to know more so I slide my hand down the front of her neck and further down. She responds by pulling me closer right before the music ends. I hold myself back by thanking her for the dance.

A pair of hands rests on my shoulders from the back. I turn around surprised that it's a woman I have never seen before. I later find out she's Dominican.

"I love the way you Bachata" she tells me. It was her way of telling me she wants to dance. I pull her into position and instantly we were moving as if we were one. I slide my right hand down to her lower back to keep myself balanced with her. She responds by reaching behind my head and pulls me closer. She's being rough as she presses my head against hers.

My fever begins to rise. She knows what she wants. I slide my free hand into her hair towards her neck. Her hair is soft and dry, it's clear she hasn't been dancing all night.

Our hips move together perfectly, she knows how I like to dance. She grabs on the back of my hair and my reaction was to pull her closer.

I can smell her. It's a familiar smell from a bachatera I dance with at Shboom and Allegro's. The moment becomes intense as my primal instincts begin to take over.

I had to hold myself back. I thank her for the dance and walk away. Much to my surprise she follows me out. Is she expecting an answer for stopping suddenly?

I didn't need to explain myself. Only one song passes before we return to dancing. She wraps her arms around my neck, and my hands around her waist. She pulls my head against hers, showing me she wants to be closer. It was hot as hell and I couldn't get enough of it.

A couple from the corner of my eye smile as they watch us. They turn to one another and began to kiss during the course of our dancing. Is this the amorous feeling one receives when watching bachata?

I somehow managed to break away but not for long. A woman from the back approaches me. "I want to dance with you" she tells me. I am happy to provide. I give her my undivided attention, being extra careful to protect her from the other couples dancing around us. I could feel the ring on her hand. She's a married woman.

I see an attractive woman sitting across the room, her eyes locked on me. I focus on her as I walk towards her; her body language adjusts to accept me by turning her body towards me.

She says yes. Our dancing is simple and bliss, she follows flawlessly and the patterns over slow music complete with little difficulty.

I do not venture far before I am stopped. My hand is taken and pulled towards the dance floor, it's the tall goddess from earlier. We resume our positions that we had before, as if we never stopped being together, my head presses close against her while she held me close. She lifts her chin slightly, our lips only inches from one another.

My fever was at an all night high. My heartbeat was rising and my body wanted to give in. It was difficult to hold back. We ended in an embrace when the music ended.

I left immediately after that, satisfied that my Bachata fever diminished. Writing this blog however brings back the energy I felt that night, and I am left anxious for the next dance.

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