How Would Salsa-Dancing Couples Make It Work?

Salsero = Male Salsa Dancer
Salsera = Female Salsa Dancer

Salsa dancing can be a hot, sensual, type of dance and the go-around assumption is pair up two salsa dancers in a relationship and you get a very volatile combination. With two people sharing the same hang-out environment, mix in some social dancing with different people, and the possibility of a relationship that may or not work and you can get some awkward moments.
I wondered over the weekend what makes relationships between salsa dancers work and what doesn't. If you're a salsa dancer, would a relationship work with another salsa dancer? I say yes, given the right conditions.

I make it common knowledge that I don't want a relationship with someone that is a salsa dancer however, it is because I don't want to go out salsa dancing every bloody weekend. I like to do a little bit of everything and salsa dancing 4 days out of the week is way too much. If I ever hooked up with a salsa dancer I'd probably end up doing something else while she's out dancing most of the time.

With that in mind, I pondered at the current relationships that I know work and learn from the mistakes of the ones that didn't work. I found the following to be true:

Establish boundaries within the community you met/share in.

Everyone needs a break from their favorite hubby and they do this through their established personal time however, what if your personal time was being invaded by your hubby, especially when you met through the same community? Boundaries need to be set where certain clubs or certain days are yours where your hubby shouldn't show up. Perhaps you can continue going to the Agenda while I stop going or Fridays you can go out without me while I stay home and knit.

While out dancing together, at least consider dancing with other people.

Nothing more unattractive than a jealous hubby. If you originally started salsa dancing with the idea that you want to dance with different people, you'll probably want to do the same even after you're in a relationship. I've seen many couples stick to one another because they feel that they shouldn't leave their hubby's side...for reasons that may be that they don't know anyone else or they feel it's rude to leave. I found that the couples that dance with their friends or other people stay together longer than those that just dance with one another at the dance club. Bottom line, make it cool that your hubby can dance with other people while you chill because they'll appreciate it!

Try other activities other than salsa dancing.
I've been unable to support this with evidence however it's safe to make an assumption that too much of a good thing can be bad. Wouldn't you want to do more than just dance every weekend? Some may disagree but I think that if a couple keeps things interesting by doing a variety of activies, hot balloon ride, snowboarding, drive trip, etc, the relationship continues to be challenged.

Although covering these three ideas may help a relationship move along, a relationship ultimately is successul upon other things like sharing the same religious beliefs, money management focuses, have or have no children, etc. I think that noting these ideas could increases the chances that two salsa dancers can make it last.

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