If They Can Dance, Does It Mean They're Good In The Sack?

There's a generalization that if someone knows how to really dance then they must be good at parking the limo in the garage, driving a stick, licking the salt, and well you get the idea. Is it true? Well yes and no.

Why do I bring this topic up you wonder? Is it because I want to fill the void that is missing in my life because I believe I'm a great dancer so that means I'm good in the sack? Or perhaps I am the contradiction where I'm told I'm so bad that I should forget about the possibility of procreating? Not at all reader, I'm thinking about the guy next to me that can dance and I'm wondering is *he* good at the duty?

Defining someone as "good" at dancing is subjective so we'll need to delve in more on whether this person is good or not. I believe that a person's way of dancing is their way of expressing their inner personality. We've all seen that one hottie at the club that is dancing so well that you think:

1. I want to get to know them.
2. I want to dance with them.
3. I want to ride that cheetah till six in da mornin'.
4. I want to dance with them, and *then* ride 'em until three, because I have work the next morning.

If you're me I'd start with number one and work my way down but that's just me, I like to go slow with the ladies.

Going back to serious, the way they move is a direct connection to their personality. If they're having fun, smiling, and enjoying the company it probably means that they enjoy their life. If they appear serious, showing off, and is emotionally dancing without their partner perhaps they are insecure.

I've seen many guys in my dancing community that are really good at what they do however when I see them dance I get a sense that they're showing off, literally blame their partner for any mishaps that occur, and others. These guys can't possibly be good at sending the train through the tunnel right?

One can never know unless one asks their love-mate (if they go home to one). I know a few people that are probably good at riding on a camel between the humps but they're not dancers.

Dancing well can be broken down into different parts. I found that there are people (again, talking just about those that can dance) that fall into two areas:

A) The ones that follow someone else's patterns, choreography, steps, influenced mostly by someone else's stuff, trying too hard, and
B) The creative, improvising, spontaneous, enjoying themselves, don't give a smack people.

A creative, spontaneous, and improvising dancer probably likes to have fun and try different ideas in the sack. Perhaps that hot female dancer would rather ride the bull by the horns instead of being rode herself?

A person that is trying too hard, following someone else's patterns, and such is probably good however it's not all fun for them. Maybe they want it a certain way because their butt looks good at a specific angle or they absolutely won't try a certain "position" because you can see their scab on their back?

If you've ever seen me at the clubs I spend 2/3 of the time observing and 1/3 of the time dancing. As a guy that's attracted to women I've discovered some interesting observations of some hot dancers:

1. She's good, but something's holding her back because she doesn't look like she's completely having fun.
2. She knows how to move, but she's trying wayyyyyyyyyy too hard to impress. Styling is too abrupt and incomplete.
3. Styling looks good, but it's obvious she's in a dance troupe. Those movements I've seen before done by someone else in the same sequence.
4. She's more concerned about how many people are watching her. You can tell, her eyes dart around the room instead of looking at her partner.
5. She's trying really hard not to mess up, she has a serious look on her face.

In conclusion, yes a good dancer probably means they're good at eating that banana split or running that piston through the shaft however a closer look at how they're dancing defines whether they would have fun cranking that piston or what other creative ways they can eat that banana split.

I saw this girl that *really* knows how to dance at Club Miami last Thursday, and I've seen her before dancing with her friends. She's that one girl that's smiling and having fun dancing with just her female friends while shaking her butt like an 8.7 earthquake. Guys were just trying so hard to dance with her but she'll push them away or move to a spot away from them. The guys were probably first thinking the same thing as me...get to know her more right? No?

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