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South Bay Salsa Meetup
South Bay Salsa Meetup Group is the only active Meetup group in the Bay Area that continues to organize events on a weekly basis. With over 330 members to-date, South Bay Salsa Meetup Group is expected to grow.

Unlike other Salsa Meetups in the Bay Area, the group seeks to promote salsa dancing throughout the area (unlike groups that were created to only promote their organization).

William, Founder of SBSM
The popular Meetup was founded by William, A Los Gatos resident that has attended jSmooth Salsa for many months. A member of over 20 other Meetups, William started two of his own Meetup groups.

South Bay Salsa Meetup Group is attributed to the popularity and awareness of j Smooth Salsa (, Pantea at Alberto's, and Mexico Lindo Restaurant on Tuesdays.

So far, South Bay Salsa Meetup Group has organized events at 3 locations: The Miraido Studio (with j Smooth Salsa), Alberto's (with Pantea), and dancing at Mexico Lindo in San Jose.

The creation of Meetups at j Smooth Salsa has jump-started other Meetups to form at j Smooth Salsa. For the first two weeks in 2008, The Miraido Studio there had 60+ attendees to the Thursday lessons. As the awareness of JSS's free lessons multiply, additional people will be aware that beginning salsa lessons do not have to burn a hole in their pockets.

"It's been a long time coming" Jimmy says, the founder of jSmooth Salsa. "We've spent the last 5 years establishing that we're here to offer free salsa lessons and we're here to stay. With the help of organizations such as William's we can further the knowledge of salsa and our free lessons."

You can find William's Meetup by logging onto and search for "Salsa" in your local bay area zip code.



Jimmy instructing class on Salsa
Jimmy in the middle of salsa instruction on Thursdays
Salsa Meetup at jSmoothSalsa
Salsa Meetup at jsmoothsalsa's Miraido Studio


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