"How's Your Weekend?"

It's a common question we all ask. Everyone looks forward to the weekend, it's the 2.5 days in the week where you can say "hey, I don't have to worry about work" and have some fun.

So how nice would it be to hear about someone else's weekend adventures? "Super nice!" I think especially when I'm talking to one of my guy buddies. "so what you gonna do for the weekend?" I would ask and out came out their description and excitement in their voice.

But hold on there buddy, some people (and when I mean some I mean those of the opposite sex) might think you're getting ready to ask them out!

And why wouldn't they think that way? It's a great line opener to seeing if the person is free to go out with *you*. Yeah, you. You're one sexy fiend aren't you?

Situation Uno
Sexy Fiend - "So what are you doing for the weekend?"
Sexy Target - "Oh, nothing. What about you?"
Result - Fiend asks target out, they go out and make babies."

Situation Dos
Sexy Fiend - "So what you doin' for the weekend?"
Sexy Target - "Oh I'm busy visiting my friends and family."
Result - Fiend has to wait next weekend to ask her out.

Situation Tres
Sexy Fiend - "So what are you doing for the weekend?"
Sexy Target - "I have a date with this guy I just met last weekend."
Result - Fiend goes home broken-hearted, and likely will plan a suicide or create a shrine for target."

Situation Quatre
"Sexy Fiend - "So what are you doing for the weekend?"
Sexy Target - "Oh I'm busy."

Result - A sexual harrassment claim is filed and the Fiend gets his ass kicked by Sexy Target's boyfriend."

All jokes aside, although it's a great setup however it annoys the crap out of me when someone is simply asking what they're doing on the weekend (not planning to ask them out) only to have the person believe they're interested in them and plan to ask them out.

When guys ask guys, we just wanna know what they're doing. If we really wanted to hang out, we'd say it up front.

When girls ask girls, you want to know what you're doing, and maybe spend time together painting nails or shopping.

When a guy ask a girl out, we just wanna know what they're doing. If we really wanted to ask you out, we'd say it up front early on.

When a girl asks a guy out, you just wanna know what you're doing, and maybe spend time together making babies.

Okay maybe not on the last part but you get my drift. I hear it happening all the time, guy asks a girl just out of curiousity, and she:

- thinks she is one hot beyotch. So hot that god said "hey, I want men to ask you out every weekend."

Yes, I'm exagerating but you get my drift. Ladies, sometimes guys just wanna know what you're doing... and they're not interested in you any more than a cat is interested in what giraffe does. The cat may look out of curiousity, but really the cat can give a rat's ass.

There was a coworker I had, and I would always ask her what she did for the weekend. Nevermind that she had stringy blonde hair and was a dull as a board and wasn't a salsa dancer. She always told me what she did for the weekend, even all the way up to when she said this:

Week 1
"So what you doing for the weekend?"
"I met this guy so I'm going out with him."

Week 2
"So what you doing this weekend?"
"I'm going out with my boyfriend."
"Didn't you just meet this guy, like last week?"
"Yeah, but was that good."

I scratched my head and wondered to myself, this girl is really wierd.

A week later I was called into the CEO's office to which I told an anonymous phone call was made claiming I was sexually harrassing her and other females in the office. In the claim it said I was always trying to ask her out even after repeated attempts of rejecting me.

I'm only telling part of the story, there's more to it but left for another blog and this situation happened a while back.

I spoke to a friend recently who described me a similar situation, to which led to this blog.

So before you start thinking that that sexy fiend (that you have no attraction to) is trying to ask you out, when they're curious of your weekend, check your ego at the door and take it as it is....someone who's just curious.

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