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Tuesday, 30 March 2010 15:21

Bachata Obessions, Sunday April 4


Tuesday, 30 March 2010 15:17

Bachata Addictions, San Ramon April 14

Sh Boom and John Demma w/ Rodchata Presents:


Every 2nd Wednesday of the month!

It's refreshing to see a young salsero stick to his guns. Largely ignoring the route that most of his contemporaries have taken (well, excluding his brief cameo as Rubén Blades in 2007's El Cantante), Victor Manuelle continues to forge his identity as a pure sonero while still exploring within the myriad genres of Latin music without delving into pop excesses. He makes the type of music abuelita can gently bop her head along with and your freaky cousin can shake her ass to. And he's steadily becoming an on-demand alternative within the bloated Latin music market, especially since getting the nod from Univisión to co-host the 2010 Premio Lo Nuestro Awards here in Miami this past February. And his tour is getting "a little strong" like we say around here since the release of his thirteenth full-length last fall, Yo Mismo, which will surely be the base for his performance this Sunday at the James L. Knight Center, which is cool, but he's best in straight-up jams where he shows off improvisational skills some rappers might be jealous of. Check this operator out above, flamenco/reggaeton/salsa? Yup. And he's yet to screw up and record in inglés.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010 15:09

Shake it up salsa style

ADELAIDE’S festival season is about to heat up again with the hot and sexy Salsa Festival.

MIAMI (Billboard) - On February 19, salsa star Victor Manuelle co-hosted Univision's Premios lo Nuestro Awards, looking dapper before a live audience of millions. The figure he struck had little in common with the painfully shy singer with braces who first gained national attention in the '90s as a new face of tropical music.

Monday, 15 March 2010 18:30

Caribe Girls, Cuban female salsa

Female salsa bands had a boost during the 1990's with the Boom of Cuban Salsa, as it happened during the 19930's due to economic problems.

As you read earlier this morning, MTV News is down at South By Southwest right now. There are some great movies playing there, including this one from writer/director Jeffrey Fine. "Cherry," which has its world premiere tonight, follows nerdy college freshman Aaron (Kyle Gallner) who meets and subsequently falls for Linda (Laura Allen), 34-year-old fellow student who is returning to school following a misspent youth. As the two become closer, Aaron meets Linda's daughter, 14-year-old Beth (Britt Robertson), who in turn falls for Aaron.

You'll need that context to truly grasp the awkward tension that Aaron must be feeling as events unfold in the exclusive clip below.

This year, Spring is real cause for celebration and Salsa Fest Atlanta plans to kick off the party.

Starting on April 2010, NEW to jSmoothSalsa! Zumba Fitness lessons with Valeria! Every Tuesday night from 6:45 - 7:45pm.

Thursday, 04 March 2010 16:43

Swept away by the charms of salsa

The first step in learning how to dance salsa is to lose your fear.

“Yes, it’s a little intimidating at first to see other people dancing like professionals,” says Enrique Arias, who a few days ago was taking a salsa class for beginners at the Tango del Rey nightclub. “I still don’t feel totally comfortable, but I’m starting to get better.”

Thursday, 04 March 2010 16:38

Mundy to perform at Salsa Festival

Robyn Mundy is a true Texas cowgirl who has won fans with her electric stage presence and voice as big as Texas. With years of musical theater instruction mixed with raw yodeling talent, Robyn has entertained audiences from historical Brandon Missouri to the western shores of California. With her perfect pitch and clear yodeling break, Robyn has had the chance to perform with such greats as the legendary Kitty Wells, the late yodeling King Don Walser, Johnny Gimble, and fiddlin’ Frenchie Burke, just to name a few.

Thursday, 04 March 2010 15:58

The sexy, the sizzle, the salsa!

Vancouver International Salsa Festival

Friday to Sunday

Westin Bayshore Hotel, Coal Harbour

Tickets: Go to

Six months after the last JSmooth Bachata Lesson, JSmooth and Maria are back for their special lesson in Bachata dancing.


Dear Community,

We need to raise awareness of the lack of minority representation on the National Marrow Donor Registry. Minorities account for less than 31% of all donors - Asians, only 6% & Hispanics only 10%.

If you or a loved one is in need of a marrow donor, you have a less than 30% chance of finding a match. Let's increase these numbers and survive.

Learn how to become a donor and if you choose, take the test at our event. It's as easy as swabbing your mouth.

Cafe Cocomo
650 Indiana St.
San Francisco, CA 94107
(415) 824-6910

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