Anthony Littlebear

Anthony Littlebear was born in San Jose Ca, to a Native American Father, and an Italian Mother. Through his Native American culture, he learned indigenous dance, and ceremonies. This pulls him in the direction of Afro Cuban dance. The Bay Area's salsa influence has formed him into a salsero/rumbero. He draws his dance influences from Italian dancers, such as Fernando Sosa, Maykel Fonts, Johnny Vasquez, Aguanile, Alien Ramirez, Wilmer, and Frankie Martinez. His classes are designed to be on the technical side, to give you the best chance of getting the most information possible. His time is spent dancing with most of our local salsa dance companies, gives him an understanding of how to compliment our culture, with more traditional afro flavor, which the bay area is lacking in at this time. Salsa dancing, has been a great source of happiness for him, and he hopes to give you as many of my secrets as possible, so that you too can be uplifted into this Latin/Afro culture with much success. For those of you who have been taking his classes for the past 6 years, look forward to an ever evolving, ever improving curriculum.<

Anthony came to help during a difficult time when we were struggling to keep the Tuesday classes open. With his years of experience he helped add different style of teaching to the classes.

Additional Info

  • Years: 2011
  • Currently: Anthony is a adventurous scuba diver. Last checked with him he was planning to live in Hawaii and become a diver master.
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