Guillermo Pier

Guillermo began East Coast Swing at an early age and later moved on to Salsa dancing by the age of 16. He placed third in the Cha-Cha division at the SJSU BDS anniversary competition and has choreographed routines for groups and couples at San Jose State University.

He attributes his salsa dancing style from his East Coast Swing experience and believes teaching is a conduit to which to improve his dancing skills.

Guillermo's career as a dance instructor is quite notable. Guillermo was J Smooth Salsa's very first student, along with his parents and brother. Over the years he quickly found a passion with Salsa, and eventually volunteered his services to teach the Friday classes when Jimmy became less available on Fridays. Guillermo taught his Friday classes for years and is recognized as the second J Smooth Salsa instructor to have taught the longest.

Guillermo eventually left due to work and school but is still remembered as the instructor that pioneered the Friday lessons.

Additional Info

  • Years: 2003 - 2011
  • Currently: Guillermo is currently working in graphics .
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