Lyndel Abbott

G'day! I'm Lyndel, a Zumba Instructor from Down Under! I fell in love with Zumba the very first time I experienced it, and I want to share my passion with everyone! I did ballroom dancing growing up, and loved the latin dances. Come along to a class, where you can expect toning, cardio and (most importantly) fun. My classes are designed for anyone and everyone (that includes you!) - the point of my class isn't to look good, it's to feel good. So bring your self, your energy and your smile to my class and get ready to shake your booty!

Lyndel taught the Zumba classes immediately after Valeria moved to southern California. She brought a great energy with her experience. Unfortunately, due to a private matter she moved back to Australia. Sharine Sanders took over the class soon afterwards.

Additional Info

  • Years: 2011 - 2012
  • Currently: Lyndel is still currently living in Australia as far as we know.

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