Parrish Danforth

Parrish just moved to California from Portland in 2010 to attend graduate school. He is very excited to join the Jsmooth team and bring Casino de Rueda, Cuban style Salsa to South bay. Parrish started social dancing during high school, and learned salsa during university. He started teaching part time 7 years ago. Since then he's traveled a lot, and taught salsa classes in Tokyo, Seoul, Guadalajara, and Portland. In the last five years Parrish has focused on Rueda de Casino, a Cuban style of salsa danced in a circle.

His training includes two years with Rogue Element, and two years with Rumbanana, both in Oregon. He prefers dancing for fun over performance or competition, and hopes to have a lot of fun in South bay.

Parrish taught the Casino de Rueda classes with Kate on Tuesdays, which became a very popular class with one of the largest attendances on Tuesday nights. Unfortunately Parrish had to move back to Portland and it was impossible to replace his teaching style and his knowledge of Casino de Rueda. This resulted in an end to this classes.

Additional Info

  • Years: 2010 - 2011
  • Currently: Parrish eventually made his way back to the bay area but unfortunately by that time JSmoothSalsa was no longer offering classes in the San Jose area.

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