Umesh Lakshaman

Prior to his Salsa Journey, Umesh has been dancing different styles from college years but has been a avid salsa dancer for the past few years. Umesh has assisted other instructors at various classes in the Bay. A prior regular at Miraido's and other local salsa hotspots, he currently dances semi-pro for the Montuno Dance Company under the tutelage of Isidro Corona and Ariel Lehaitre ( US Salsa open champions).

Umesh was teaching Fridays with Ali Monge soon after Meri and Ryan stopped teaching. Umesh and Ali brought a very unique and challenging style in their classes.

Umesh and Ali were with us during the final week that we were open in San Jose.

Additional Info

  • Years: 2011 - 2012
  • Currently: Umesh continues to teach and perform in the San Jose area.

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