Valeria Soto

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina to an American-Argentinean family, Valeria Soto liked dancing, singing, and moving her body to music from an early age. At eight, she was a student and performer at Maria Amuchastegui's Tap Dance Studio. Later, she studied Contemporary Dance for six years with ballerina Vanina Bagli. Valeria also studied with Ms. Luciana Glanc, and at "Casa del Angel" . Upon her recent arrival in San Jose, Valeria immediately pursued further dance and music studies and activities. She is presently studying Contemporary, Modern, Jazz, Dance Tech and Lyrical dancing at Studio 10 in Cupertino, Bellydancing at Halanda Studio, where she has performed with Karavansaray Dance Company, and Voice with Maestro Carl Franzen.

She is also getting trained as a ballroom instructor, at Fred Astaire Dance Studio. Certified Zumba Instructor by Beto Perez in: Zumba level I, Zumba level II, Zumba Toning, and ZumbaTomic.

She has been told many times her classes are different, because of her music, and the variety of rhythms she likes to dance to. From Waltz to Reggae-ton, and from Rumba to Bellydance, you'll never know what to expect!

Valeria emailed us originally about the possibility of offering Zumba classes at our studio. We opened the class on Tuesdays before our regular Salsa lessons.

Valeria eventually moved on and in her place Lyndel took over for a time.

Additional Info

  • Years: 2010 - 2011
  • Currently: Valeria left JSmoothSalsa to find work in southern California. We assume she's down in SoCal teaching Zumba.

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