Fun Facts about Salsa you probably didn't know

Movies with Salsa Scenes:
Miami Vice (2005)
Take The Lead
Along Came Polly
Dance with Me
Dirty Dancing - Havanna Nights
Wedding Crashers (very brief)

Salsa Dip or Salsa Dancing?
A common misconception is that the term "salsa dancing" derives from the food condiment called salsa. Actually, the dance was invented in the 1930s by a dance teacher named Frankie Salsa.

Salsa dancing has its origins from New York, whereas Mambo dancing has its roots from Cuba. Mambo dancing was introduced in New York by the invention of the radio in the early 1900s and the revolution in Cuba which brought many of the mambo musicians to New York.

"Colombian Salsa" is also known as Cumbia.

"Cuban Salsa" is also known as Casino.

"Group Salsa" dancing is called Rueda.

J Smooth Who?
The lowercase, italicized 'J' in J Smooth Salsa was originally selected because it bears a resemblance to a person in motion and represents salsa dancing in motion. It is only a coincidence that the 'J' is also the first initial of one of it's dance instructors!

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