Jimmy Bui "JSmooth"

With 16 years of cummulative dance experience, Jimmy "JSmooth" Bui has had formal university education in dance for four years during which time he was educated in Body Mechanics, Physics, and Dance Showcase Performance. He has applied that experience through instruction and performances during his career as a dance studio owner and instructor for J Smooth Salsa. Since 1997 his experience includes two years of ballroom dance, 14 years of Salsa dance, six years of Bachata dance, one year of competitive dancing, and 10 years of professional dance instruction.

Jimmy never once thought he would be Salsa dancer, or any dancer for that matter. He took one introductory dance class because his best friend told him he should or else be the awkward groom at his own wedding. Today, the former, shy high-school band player, now a successful entrepreneur, led one of San Jose's successful non-profit organizations.

Today, Jimmy uses his experience to organize the dance competititions at the annual San Francisco International Bachata Festivals and the Reno International Bachata Festivals. He no longer manages his own studio but still offers dance lessons at special events and by request by his dance peers throughout each year.

Professional Time Line

1997: Began formal education in dance
1997: Began Ballroom dancing
1999: Began Salsa dancing
Jun 2002: Graduate, San Jose State University
Aug 2002: Began formal salsa dance instruction
Jan 2003: Started non-profit dance, JSmoothSalsa
Apr 2003: 3rd Place Amateur Salsa, Reno Dance Sensation
2007: Began Bachata dancing
2010: Began formal Bachata dance instruction

In 1999 Jimmy began to take salsa lessons from instructors in the bay area. Rather than sticking to just one instructor, he educated himself with classes from a variety of instructors very early on. Lessons offered from dancers such as Josie Neglia, Alex D'Silva, Jake Jacobs, and Jean-Carlo helped shape a dance style that was unique to him.

Since August 2002, Jimmy has been an instructor of Salsa and Bachata dance at his startup non-profit, J Smooth Salsa. Originally based at the Miraido Studio in San Jose, he has made many contributions to his community by offering free dance lessons, donating time and money to various organizations, participating in youth guidance programs, and supporting many of his peer dance instructors through assistance or advertising.

In 2007 Jimmy began to take Bachata lessons from Bachata pioneer Rodney Rodchata Aquino. The years of experience have enabled to dance all forms of Bachata which include Dominican, Modern, and Traditional while teaching his own style of Bachata.

In March 2012 he closed his studio and took his lessons to the dance events and clubs in the San Francisco bay area.

After spending 12 months redefining his business strategy, he re-initiated the goal of offering dance lessons regularly. Realizing that San Jose has grown rich with salsa events and lessons, he decided that San Jose would do just fine without him. Jimmy decided to go where his lessons would be needed most. In March 2013 he decided that Sonoma County in the northern San Francisco Bay Area could use some help. He teamed up with "Move 2 Change Studio" in Sebastopol, Calif., a movement-based community studio for dance, yoga, pilates, fitness, and the arts, to offer Salsa lessons to the small community. In October 2013 Jimmy ended his services with M2C and is currently focusing on new plans.

Additional Info

  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Phone: 408-550-6182
  • Position: Instructor
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