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Salsa Patterns (505)

A collection of Salsa and Bachata patterns taught by J Smooth Salsa.

Patterns listed are from the perspective of the lead, or male. Some knowledge of dance terminology recommended.

We have been posting our patterns since January 2003. Over the years the way we post our patterns have changed. Today, we post all of our patterns as videos.

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Checks (77)

Defined as a planned stop in a particular flow of movement in a pattern. For example if a follower were to perform an outside turn and the leader stops her halfway in her turn, and leads her into an inside turn.

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Crossbody Lead

Crossbody Lead (81)

A crossbody lead is when the leader and follower switch positions within a straight line. All salsa patterns are based off of the crossbody lead. Because it is a core fundamental in salsa dancing you will find most patterns here.

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Dips (6)

Patterns that involve have the dance partner dropping below the other partner's horizontal waist plane. It's very rare these years to see a full dip performed because dips require full trust in one another. Do not perform these patterns without previous practice with a partner.

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Other (49)

There are patterns that are so unique that they do not fit any specific dance category.

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Reverse Crossbody Lead

Reverse Crossbody Lead (31)

Similar to the crossbody lead, the reverse crossbody is where the follower crosses the leader from a left-right direction instead of a right-left direction. It's not quite the same so it is not considered a fundamental.

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Tricks (16)

Special patterns that can be seen during dance competitions or performances. You won't find these being taught very often due to the increase in liability, nevertheless they are awesome to do!

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Turns (102)

Turning is one of three core fundamentals in salsa dancing and the most important of the three. All salsa patterns require an understanding of how to turn. The patterns you find here have a strong relevance in turning.

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Walk-Around (43)

A step that requires the follower to walk around the lead, or the leader to walk around the follower. This is a common step and quite flashy if done correctly.

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Wraps (20)

Whenever a pattern requires the follower to wrap into the leader, it is called a wrap. Wraps can be single-arm or double-arm depending on the step.

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Shines/Footwork (64)

Solo footwork typically done without the partner for showcase or styling.

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Bachata Patterns

Bachata Patterns (3)

Obviously not Salsa patterns, here you will find all of the Bachata patterns we have recorded and interested in posting. 

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Video Hot Picks

Video Hot Picks (13)

We comb internet for videos we think are worth sharing!

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